THE CLASS HAS BEEN MOVED TO A NEW STARTING DATE. Class starts at 8PM on Tuesday October 3rd 2017.

Sirius Mindz Institute presents PROFESSOR GRIFF OF Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Super Group PUBLIC ENEMY teaches an online “Emergency Survival Class” with step by step in preparing your “Black Pack” the grab and go bag for urban survival. This class will give participants a preparedness guide and Personal Life defense set of instructions to survive.This Emergency Survival Class will be a two day ONLINE CLASS.This class will be held on Tuesday,OCTOBER 3RD and Thursday OCTOBER 5th, 2017. The price for the class is $65 for both days.(ONE PRICE FOR BOTH DAYS) You can Register online @ or call Professor Griff @ 678.557.2919. or CLICK THE LINK AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE

This online class is sponsored by
Sirius Mindz Institute 
for the re-education of the people.
This class is taught online you can listen and or view the class from your laptop, cell phone, tablet. (Android and Apple devices).

Registration ends on Friday September 29th 2017

***Professor Griff is a cultural entertainment analyst, author, internationally renowned educator, writer, producer, musician, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recording artist, lecturer and co-founding member of the pioneering and revolutionary hip hop group Public Enemy. He maintains a coveted role as Minister of Information for Public Enemy and is currently celebrating an unprecedented sixty world tours and 20th Year Anniversary, with the group.

A well-rounded music enthusiast and activist within both the conscious and hip hop communities; Griff currently stands as a permanent fixture on the international lecture circuit with his riveting and powerful discourse/book, The Psychological Covert War on Hip Hop and Symbology Book 2.

Professor Griff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, is a licensed personal security defense instructor, and an accomplished martial artist. He is an avid lecturer, known for his innate ability to impart life-changing ideas, concepts and techniques for the spiritual/personal growth and development of all who attend his lectures.

Remaining true to his title as Minister of Information, Professor Griff has continued his vigilance by providing information for the masses.

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Emergency Survival Class

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CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AND PAY Sirius Mindz Institute presents an online “Emergency Survival Class” with step by step instruction in preparing your “Black Pack” the grab and go bag for urban survival.... READ MORE