Emergency Survival Class

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Sirius Mindz Institute presents an online “Emergency Survival Class” with step by step instruction in preparing your “Black Pack” the grab and go bag for urban survival. This class will give participants a preparedness guide and Personal Life defense set of instructions to survive.This Emergency Survival Class will be a two day online class taught by Professor Griff of PublicEnemy.This class will be held on Tuesday,August 22nd and thursday August 24th, 2017. The price for the class is $65 for both days. You can Register online @ www.professorgriff.me or call Professor Griff @ 678.557.2919.

This online class is sponsored by
Sirius Mindz Institute 
for the re-education of the people.

This class is taught online you can listen and or view the class from your laptop, cell phone, tablet. (Android and Apple devices).

Registration ends on August 21st 2017

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  1. Gary HUNTLEY

    Professor Griff a few years back and then again this past may I was the one who sent you on Facebook Messenger an idea about creating the so-called black pack if you would look very carefully inside your Facebook Messenger you will see that I was the one who originally came up with that idea I’m not trying to say anything but it seems to me that you could have given me some kind of recognition for this simple fact and it’s amazing to me that you are creating a survival class when I’ve never even heard of you doing anything as far as being a survivalist so with that being said I want to wish you peace and I want to wish you success in the idea that I virgins into your mind thank you very much and have a blessed day

    • Go back and listen to my lectures and my radio shows I’ve always talked about my “Black Pack”. I don’t remember having conversation with you 15 years ago.But my number is 678.557.2919 Griff

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