New Online Class! Register & Sign Up for Know Thyself Class w/ Prof. Griff

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$99.95 plus Registration Fee for all 4 sessions.
Register Now. Limited Spaces Available.

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  1. Greetings & peace bro. Respect to your Queen just registered for the course. Thank you for symbology 101 and all the lectures and books u have recommended . My life is changing and I’m working to change our community.
    Queen Scott

  2. Marques Marion

    If i miss a class or two how could i get the information for that session?

  3. Mahliek McDonald

    Thanks Brother, Looking forward to the Classes.

    Brother Mahliek,


  4. Ms Smith

    Grateful to get elevated with all you loved ones. Peace, Love, & High Positive Vibes.

  5. King!!!!! Shalom. I am grateful for your consistent contributions to community, and your respectful presence as a man. If there is ever anything we can do at the Stacy Douglas Foundation to assist you, please reach out to us. Thank you again for all that you do!!

    Love, Stacy Douglas

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