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The Triple Alphabet Theory

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Professor Griff- Triple Alphabet Theory – (The BATTLE for MIND BODY and SOUL) (p. 1 of 3)

A two day Lecture delivered in Norfolk,Va at the House of Consciousness,Published on Aug 21, 2014

Professor Griff discuss the psychological war being performed by the “the man” He discusses and analyzes and breaks down the government, media, and church. Who and what can you trust? A real Eye opener! the Professor is spot on, on this three part series.Professor Griff gives an excellent analysis and shows foresight as usual in his delivery. With all of the Conflicts and attacks that have occurred in Chicago, Fergusson and by Police all over the United States. People are killing each other and The Police are targeting blacks. It is evident!! He discuss big corporations like ABC CNN BET and discuss psychology to analyze the 3rd dimensional paradigm in which we are locked.

there is a war on the psyche=soul are This is a must watch triple threat three part series. DO you still believe in the Easter Bunny? DO you believe in Santa clause or the tooth fairy? and what do these things a have to do with these ‘holidays’? Why do we feed ourselves and our children these lies whats behind it and on a larger scale what are we being fed ot believe its time question and engage our mind body and soul. because there is a war eon our psyche and it starts and birth. cleanse yourself today!!! Check out this Three part gem! !!

“Revolution is not an event it is a process” -Professor Griff

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Running Time: 60 mins For information contact professor Griff @ 678.557.2919


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