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  1. Ragnar Taltos

    Professor Griff, I’ve been watching you talk about all kinds of subjects for several years and I’ve got to say your one of the few really deep thinking people who don’t get swayed by the media’s diversions and the hype. Operation Mockingbird is alive and well. With the media now owned by a few corporations who’s heads are in league with the opposition, finding the truth and informing people is a challenge. These missing kids, whether this is tied to the overall pedophile/sexual abuse organization or not, the mindset that allows this to happen is the same as far as I’m concerned. Your saying that the people need to organize and act is something I’ve been talking about for a while. We can’t count on the authorities, many of whom are working with the evil groups doing this.

    There’s a lot of background information at the link above that tells the sordid story of an epedemic that’s infected “elites” and governments throughout the world. Used as blackmail and indoctrination and to morally corrupt leaders, this is an issue the media won’t touch (Mockingbird). Just look at the media’s knee jerk reaction to Pizzagate. Bringing this to the public consciousness and keeping it there is critical and the only way things will ever improve. I have tremendous respect for you and what your doing. The fact that you don’t compromise your principles or morals says a lot. Keep fighting because “they” won’t fight for us.

  2. Whitfield Payne

    Peace Griff Keep on Keeping it on Bro-! Thank you for Keeping INFORMATION Flowing. Please Keep This In People’s Faces. They Need to Hear the Truth. They Don’t want to get their feelings hurt. Please Keep it Going.

  3. Judy Ridenhour

    This is the work that must be done. Thank you for doing good work.
    Judy Ridenhour

  4. naja ash

    hello am a young women from Chicago currently moved to Iowa and am seeking self awareness I ran past your videos on YouTube and became very interested in what you had to say and a lot of what you said hit me hard with truth and the feeling of being infested I am asking if you can mentor me or help me I feel lost and without identity and its people like you whom I feel I belong too.

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